Burlap Flower Centerpiece

Burlap Flower CenterpieceWe were looking for a fun and unique centerpiece for Thanksgiving this year, and decided that it could stay around for the rest of the season! We put our Burlap Flower Tutorial to good use, this is our first project with these flowers and there WILL be more to come. There will be another tutorial up later this week with another idea to use these flowers, today we’ll be using them as an actual bouquet!Burlap Flower Centerpiece For this project you will need:

  • 8-12 Burlap Flowers
  • Silk Fall Leaves
  • Fresh or Fake Cranberries (I used Fresh)
  • Flat Marbles
  • Sand (Can be found at any craft store or most dollar stores)
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Glass Vase

Burlap Flower Centerpiece  Take your clear glass case and pour out first your sand in the bottom, and then the flat marbles one color at a time so you have three color layers.Burlap Flower Centerpiece Pour in your cranberries for your fourth color layer, and that will serve as the base of your centerpiece. I like that these colors work for fall and also for the Christmas season.Burlap Flower Centerpiece Cut your floral wire about 8-12 inches long and wrap it with floral wire by pulling your floral tape tight and twisting the wire so it covers the wire and sticks to it (if you don’t pull the tape as you twist it won’t stick to the wire) Burlap Flower Centerpiece After your wire is covered in floral tape, place the stem of one of the leaves two inches below the top and use the floral tape to tape the stem to the wire the same way you wrapped the wire.Burlap Flower Centerpiece  Stick the top of the wire straight through the center of the burlap flower.Burlap Flower Centerpiece  Bend the end of the wire to make a hook to place in the cranberries so you don’t puncture the berries and make them go bad quicker.Burlap Flower Centerpiece  Place the flowers at different heights in the vase.Burlap Flower Centerpiece  To make a bow, cut about 12 inches or burlap ribbon (The amount pictured about is WAY too much, I ended up cutting it in half.Burlap Flower Centerpiece  Fold the burlap so like pictured above.Burlap Flower Centerpiece  Take another piece of burlap and place it in the center like a t.Burlap Flower CenterpieceFold over the smaller piece of burlap to create the center of the bow. Burlap Flower Centerpiece  Glue the smaller piece of burlap together.Burlap Flower Centerpiece Burlap Flower Centerpiece  Glue another piece of burlap to the back and cut the ends to either have a nice clean finish or like I did above with the arrow shaped ends.Burlap Flower Centerpiece  Cut another wire about 4 inches long, wrap it in floral tape, and place it through the back of the bow and bend both ends so the bow doesn’t come unattached.  Place the bow in the front of the centerpiece and twist the wire of the flowers to different heights and positions. Now enjoy your new fall/winter decoration! Burlap Flower Centerpiece


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