Button Art

Another nursery creation today: Button art!      DIY Button Art Our home seems to be owl themed as people have gifted us with owl decor since our wedding. Since Luna’s crib sits right in the middle of our living room, we decided to stick with the owls and I made this button owl to hang beside her crib.

All the wall art I made for Luna’s nursery area was made on 12×12 inch canvas, I invested in a five pack of thin canvas  from the craft store as they fit nicely into frames. Here’s what else you’ll need:

  • Silhouette Stencil in desired shape
  • Lots of buttons
  • Paint the same color as your buttons
  • Glue (I used hot glue)

Grab your canvas and tape your silhouette down so it doesn’t move around as you trace the shape.DIY Button ArtAfter I traced the outer image I cut out the inner parts of the owl so I could trace those as well.DIY Button ArtIt doesn’t have to be perfect, it just gives you a general idea of where to put the buttons.DIY Button ArtI laid out all the buttons the way I wanted them to make sure I had enough buttons of every color.DIY Button ArtThen I removed all the buttons and painted where the buttons were so that there wouldn’t be any white spaces beneath the buttons.DIY Button ArtAfter the paint has dried you can start gluing the buttons back into place. I used hot glue, but in the future I would probably use a different type of glue, probably mod podge as I burned myself A LOT as the glue seeped through the holes in the buttons. Whatever type of glue you decide to use, make sure the buttons are securely fastened to the canvas as the colorful buttons will appeal to your young ones and are a choking hazard.DIY Button ArtPut your canvas in a frame and it’s ready to be hung and brighten up your space!DIY Button Art


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