Coke Can Votives

Another project brought to you by my coca-cola addiction. This project is a really easy way to recycle your old soda cans. It takes about 20 minutes and I love how these turned out!Coke Can VotivesFor this project you will need:

  • Soda Cans
  • A can opener
  • Painter’s tape
  • Spray paint in desired color (I went with Gold and Rose Gold metallic spray paint)

First, make sure you have an empty soda can. I used the smaller 8 oz can for this project, but any size will work. Coke Can Votives Using a can opener take off the top like a a normal can. The can opener leaves the can with a smooth finish around the edge.Coke Can VotivesWash out the can so you don’t have a sticky soda residue inside. If you want to keep the “share a coke with…” word for your votive like I did, place a rectangle of painter’s tape over the word.Coke Can VotivesCoke Can VotivesTake your cans to a well ventilated area to spray paint them and make sure you cover the ground so you don’t get spray paint where you don’t want spray paint. Coke Can VotivesHold the spray paint 6-12 inches away from the can, I learned this the hard way and on some of my cans the paint looks runny because I didn’t hold it far enough away from the can. We’re all learning here. Spray all the red part of the can, including over the painter’s tape. I did not paint the bottom or the inside. Coke Can VotivesLet the cans COMPLETELY dry before touching them. I got distracted and left mine out for about an hour. (you can see why you should put something down when you spray paint these.)Coke Can VotivesCAREFULLY remove your painter’s tape. I got a little excited and pulled off a little too much on my Kiss can. :(

And there you have it! Simple candle votivesCoke Can Votives


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