DIY Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas WreathOur door was bare and sad this holiday season, so we decided to make a quick and easy wreath to decorate with! It says, HELLO HOLIDAYS to everyone who comes to our house and let’s them know we’re ready to celebrate! DIY Christmas WreathStart with your wreath center, I used a Styrofoam circle and used straight pins for the whole project so I can reuse my circle for more than just this holiday.  DIY Christmas WreathI covered the Styrofoam with tissue paper. Use any color you like, I thought this light green would go well with my Christmas decorations. To make the tissue paper have the ruffled texture, I folded the tissue paper like an accordion, making sure to fold over a little more each fold. DIY Christmas Wreath I wrapped the folded tissue paper around the wreath base and used straight pins to secure it to the back of the wreath. DIY Christmas Wreath I wrapped the red beaded garland around the whole thing and secured it by twisting the ends together so I can remove it easily later. Thread the straight pins through the top of dollar store baubles.DIY Christmas Wreath Stick the straight pins into the Styrofoam. I also placed our Burlap Flowers that we made for our Thanksgiving centerpiece on our wreath my sticking a straight pin through the center of each flower and into the wreath circle. DIY Christmas Wreath  I filled the holes where you could see the straight pins holding the baubles with some pine cones that I wedged between the flowers and baubles so they wouldn’t fall once placed on the door. Hang on your door from a wreath hanger and enjoy your holiday season!    DIY Christmas Wreath


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