DIY Fall Leaf Candle Votives

This is an easy project for fall centerpieces or mantle decorations. Mason Jar Fall Votives You will need:

  • A Mason Jar
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Mod Podge (Optional)
  • Paint Brush (Optional)
  • scissors
  • Various fall leaves
  • paper towel/newspaper (to keep your counter mess free)

Mason Jar Fall VotivesCut the leaves at their stems.

Mason Jar Fall VotivesHot glue the leaves to your mason jar making sure to layer them so you don’t leave big gaps. Little gaps are fine so you can see the light through them easier, but you don’t want to be able to see the other side of the mason jar through the holes.Mason Jar Fall VotivesIf you want to mod podge the leaves down to give it a matte look where the leaves don’t stick up as much now is the time to do so. Paint directly over the leaves with mod podge. We did this project two separate way, once with mod podge and once without. I liked it without the mod podge better but my sister in law liked it with glued down. It looks good either way, but if you want to skip this step you can.

Mason Jar Fall VotivesLet the mod podge completely dry, this could take a while so be patient.

Mason Jar Fall Votives

We added these glitter netted leaves as an accent to the jar. The leaves were all bought from Dollar Tree and they had a really good selection.Mason Jar Fall VotivesWe wrapped the top of the jar with ribbon/burlap so you couldn’t see the glass at top of the jar that was not covered by leaves. On the first jar we did one layer of burlap and a second layer of ribbon. Make sure both the ribbon and the burlap bring/end in the same place  so you can have a clear back of the jar.

Mason Jar Fall VotivesUse hot glue to attach the ribbon/burlap, making sure it is pulled tight around the jar and not loose anywhere.

Mason Jar Fall VotivesMason Jar #1

Mason Jar Fall VotivesMason Jar #2 – this was the one painted with Mod Podge. You can see the leaves are more stuck to the glass and have a more matte finish.

Mason Jar Fall Votives  Place a candle inside your mason jar and enjoy your new fall decoration!Mason Jar Fall VotivesPerfect for a centerpiece. You can also skip the candles and fill these mason jars with fall flowers for another look. Happy Crafting!Mason Jar Fall Votives



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