DIY Marguee Lights

Way back when (three years ago) I made these letters in my last name for my wedding. In one of our three moves since then the letters got crushed and I had to throw them away. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to make more of these Marguee Lights because I absolutely LOVE them! DIY Marquee LightsHere’s what you need:

  • Cardboard or Paper Mache Letters
  • Spray Paint (I used Metallic Gold and Rose Gold)
  • Box Cutter
  • Drill with large Drill Bit (I used the largest in our set)
  • Christmas Lights with Sphere Bulbs

DIY Marquee LightsFirst thing you need to do is cut out the back of your letters with the box cutter, Make sure you’re cutting out the right side if a letter has to face a certain way (Like the J in Joy)DIY Marquee LightsDrill the holes into your letters evenly, I made lots of holes because my lights were small, but you can make less holes if your lights are bigger.DIY Marquee Lights Take your project outside to a nice open space and spray paint the letters making sure to get the top, bottom, and crooks of your letters.DIY Marquee LightsOnce the paint is dried take apart your lights, they usually have a little lever you have to lift before you can pull the light out of the socket.DIY Marquee Lights Stick the bulbs through the holes and replace the lever.      DIY Marquee LightsDisplay however you want!DIY Marquee Lights Plug it in and enjoy your new lights!DIY Marquee LightsI used mine for a photo backdrop for some of Luna’s 6 Month Christmas photo, and loved how they turned out!


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