Glass Gem Candle Holder

glass gem candle holderThis craft was so much fun to make.  You can pick different colors for your glass gems and make different patterns.  The best part is that I found all of the supplies at the dollar store.  This craft will make any room feel ambient and cozy!glass gem candle holderHere is what you will need:

  • Glass gems
  • Glass candle holder
  • Glue gun
  • Tealight candles
  • White sand

First you need to start at the bottom of your glass candle holder and hot glue your glass beads all around the outside of it.  I personally chose green and blue for mine, but there are many more colors to choose from.  You can also decide what design to make as gem candle holderThen you just keep going around the candle holder until you reach the top. (Remember to glue gun the glass gems as close together as you can).glass gem candle holder

glass gem candle holderOkay, make sure that you remove the strings of glue that are left from the glue gun. I did this later on, but not in these gem candle holderFill the bottom of the candle holder with the white sand.21Place in 3 tealight candles or 1 votive gem candle holderThen you are finished with the glass gem candle holder!  This is great for a gift, or just to put in any room in the gem candle holderglass gem candle holder

glass gem candle holderglass gem candle holder









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