Lit Snowflake Christmas Tree Decor

Snowflake Christmas Tree DecorI really love making things to display, whether that is nursery art for Luna baby or Christmas decorations. I saw a very similar piece of art at the craft store for $60 and thought I CAN MAKE THAT! And so I did. Snowflake Christmas Tree Decor I found these really cheap 3D  snowflakes for $2 a bag and decided they would work perfect for this! The first thing I did was lay out the snowflakes in a Christmas tree shape. Snowflake Christmas Tree Decor I poked out the center of some of the snowflakes and marked the canvas with a pencil so I would know where to make the holes for the lights. Snowflake Christmas Tree Decor Using a box cutter, I cut an X over each of the pencil marks. I poked the end of the pencil through the hole to make it wide enough for the lights.Snowflake Christmas Tree Decor All the X’s. Snowflake Christmas Tree Decor  I replaced all the snow flake stickers in the tree shape.Snowflake Christmas Tree Decor I then flipped over the canvas and poked the Christmas lights (I used a 25 light strand) through the holes, making sure the entire bulb was pushed through.

Place your canvas in a frame (I used a shadow box so that it would sit on its own and the lights could hang out the back and plug in and so it could light up behind the Snowflake Tree)Snowflake Christmas Tree Decor


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