Magnetic Qwirkle Game

We are a board game family. It brings together adults and kids. However, I will say that we are somewhat picky in our games, we own over 100 board games and you won’t find a single copy of Clue, Life, or Monopoly anywhere in the house. One of my personal favorites is Qwirkle. I would compare it to scrabble but with colors and shapes instead of words. Probably one of the least complicated games we own. I’ve been wanting to make a game for our refrigerator for a while now and decided that Qwirkle would be the perfect game to use.

For this project you will need:

  • A travel sized Qwirkle game (I bought mine for $15 on Amazon.)
  • 108 Magnets (I found round black magnets at the craft store that were the perfect size for these squares.)
  • Hot Glue gun

Magnetic Qwirkle GameThe travel sized version of this game still uses wood pieces, they are very durable and the perfect size for the kitchen. Flip all your pieces so that you are seeing the back of the tile and hot glue a magnet to the back of it. I tried a lot of different types of glue on these but hot glue was the only one that really kept the magnets stuck, I tried to avoid hot glue as I ALWAYS seem to burn myself, but this time it worked out perfect and I didn’t burn myself once!

This game is so fun and easy. Here’s how to play:

This game has 108 blocks with 6 different colors and 6 different shapes. Each person draws 6 tiles and places as many as they can at one time. The goal is to connect them so there is a row of all the same color but different shapes or all different shapes with different colors. When you’ve placed all the tiles you can set them aside (We are putting ours on the top of the refrigerator on different sides for each person, we also have a pad of paper connected to the refrigerator to score.)

Below is an example or how to place the tiles. If you placed the vertical line of four orange colored blocks down you would score 4 points, if the next person places the red and green flower tiles down connected to the orange flower tile they would score 3 points, you would count the orange tile you that you connected to. If the tile you place is part of two lines it will get 2 points. A line cannot have more than 6 tiles in it or it will repeat a shape or color.Magnetic Qwirkle Game If you get a full set of 6 colors or 6 shapes then you score a Qwirkle that gives you a bonus 6 points. Magnetic Qwirkle GameI’m really happy with the way this turned out. It was really easy, and now we can enjoy a board game every time you walk into the kitchen!Magnetic Qwirkle Game



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