String Art

Around Christmas time I was looking for a fun home made present I could make for my in laws, and after seeing some fun string art on Pinterest I decided to try my hand at it and made this silhouette art in a couple of hours

PResent Art Cropped
A couple months later we started decorating our nursery in preparation for the Bean’s arrival and I decided to make another string art piece, this time a hot air balloon.
Hot Air Balloon String ArtHere’s how you can make one for yourself

Tools you will need:

  • Wood Board (For this piece I used a 12 by 12 wood board found at the Craft Store for $8)
  • Wood Stain
  • Paint Brush
  • Silhouette Shape Print out
  • Old Cloth that you don’t mind throwing out afterwards
  • Nails (1 inch Framing Nails)
  • Hammer
  • String (I used embroidery string)

Stain the Wood

This is the longest step as you have to stain the wood and then let it set for 24 hours to make sure it’s completely absorbed. Make sure you do this outside and that you’re wearing clothes you don’t care about as this step can get messy. I’ve used this wood stain on a couple of projects as you can tell from the messy can in the photo above.

Paint the whole front of the board and don’t forget to paint the sides. I painted a couple of layers so the stain was darker. Follow the instructions on your stain, this one says to let it set for five minutes and then wipe off the excess stain with a wet washcloth.IMG_0083[1]
Let the wood sit outside for 24 hours, if you bring the wood inside too soon your house will smell very strongly of wood stain for a couple hours.

Now you’re ready to actually start the string art part of this project.

I searched online for a silhouette of a hot air balloon and cut out the shape to make a stencil.IMG_0086[1]
Trace the stencil you made to create an outline for where you are going to put your nails. You can do this in pencil so it doesn’t show obviously behind your string, but I chose to outline using a silver Sharpee so that you could clearly see the shape from every angle.
IMG_0088[1]The next step is to hammer in the nails evenly spaced apart along the traced line. Make sure that your nails go far enough in so that they don’t fall out when you more the board but don’t nail them in so far that they split the wood (if the wood you are using is thicker you don’t have to worry about this, but this board was maybe a quarter of an inch and could split if the nal went too far into the wood)IMG_0092[1]
Finally time to start weaving the string through the nails. I used embroidery thread, and used three threads at a time. Start by tying a small knot on one of the nails and weave the string between the nails.IMG_0094[1]
When you’re ready to change colors, tie another knot and cut the excess string so it doesn’t stick out of the shape. Then start your new color with a new knot and begin threading all over again.IMG_0096[1]
Continue threading until your project is done!IMG_0102[1]
You can leave your project and display as it is, or add a frame to display. Happy threading!IMG_0501[1]


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