DIY Christmas Wreath


Our door was bare and sad this holiday season, so we decided to make a quick and easy wreath to decorate with! It says, HELLO HOLIDAYS to everyone who comes to our house and let’s them know we’re ready to celebrate! Start with your wreath center, I used a Styrofoam circle and used straight pins…

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Burlap Flower Centerpiece


We were looking for a fun and unique centerpiece for Thanksgiving this year, and decided that it could stay around for the rest of the season! We put our Burlap Flower Tutorial to good use, this is our first project with these flowers and there WILL be more to come. There will be another tutorial up later…

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Snowflake Gift Bags


These snowflake gift bags are the perfect gift bags for children to make for family, friends or teachers!  They are all unique and can really show your child’s fun personalities.  Plus they will feel proud of themselves for being involved. What you will need: Plain Gift bags (these came from the Dollar Tree…The large are…

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Burlap Flowers


These flowers are so easy to make and add a little something fun to your fall projects. I had a TON of burlap laying around and decided we needed to feature these flowers in a few projects. We will be linking back to this post in the future as we use these in several fun…

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Coke Can Votives

Coke 8

Another project brought to you by my coca-cola addiction. This project is a really easy way to recycle your old soda cans. It takes about 20 minutes and I love how these turned out!For this project you will need: Soda Cans A can opener Painter’s tape Spray paint in desired color (I went with Gold…

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Halloween Inspired Jar Decor


I found these cute little jars at Michaels for a dollar a pair and figured I could make a cute mantle piece Halloween Decoration.What you will need: Jars Paint Painter’s tape Paint Brush/Paint Sponge Small Cardboard Letters (also found for $1 at Michaels) Toothpicks Tape/Glue First thing you need to do is decide on a…

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