Valentine Mantle Piece Decor

I recently bought a Cricut Explore Air and have LOVED making all kinds of fun paper and vinyl crafts with it! One of my first projects was this Valentines “I Adore You” Mantle piece decoration. Valentines Cricut Mantle Piece DecorThis was really easy and I love that I can just replace the paper parts for different holidays. I’m especially excited for the way that my St. Patrick’s Day paper decorations will look in these root beer bottles.Valentines Cricut Mantle Piece Decor I started cutting this sign, “I Adore You” from my Cricut Design Space. One thing to keep in mind when you’re putting the darker color behind the actual cut is that the glue will show up on the black so make sure you don’t put glue anywhere where it will be seen on the black/dark paper.Valentines Cricut Mantle Piece Decor  I also cut two of the same pattern of heart for either side of the adore you sign.Valentines Cricut Mantle Piece Decor  I connected the hearts and sign to dowels that are .125 inches by 12 inches with scotch tape so I can reuse these dowels for future projects. Place the dowels in four bottles on your mantle piece. I used empty IBC root beer bottles because I like the dark color…. and we drink a lot of root beer in this house. Place on your mantle of table for the whole world to see and admire! Valentines Cricut Mantle Piece Decor


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